When to Use Creatine


Creatine use timeIt is especially important for those who are closely involved in bodybuilding sports. However, it is useful to use creatine with expert advice to have a fit and aesthetic appearance. The ideal dose is to consume 5 g of creatine at a time. However, if you are in the loading phase in sports, you need to divide the dose into 5 g each time. Creatine use time There is no time limit on the subject and can be used at almost any time of the day.

Loading Phase in Creatine Use

First week of creatine useThis is known as the loading phase while playing sports. According to studies on the use of creatine, the muscles are required to be saturated with creatine during the loading phase. That’s why world-famous supplement manufacturer brands recommend using 15-25 g of creatine per day for 1 week. Some athletes prefer to skip the loading phase and use a daily dose of 5 g. However, in this way, the creatine saturation of the muscles reaches the ideal level only in 3-4 weeks instead of 1 week. For this reason Creatine use during The loading phase is important for faster results rather than better results.

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Conservation Phase in Creatine Use

When is creatine used? 2

Second week of creatine use It creates the protection phase that comes after the loading phase. It is recommended to use smaller doses of creatine every day during this period. Since the muscles are saturated with creatine in the first week, doses of 5-10 g per day are sufficient to maintain this saturation level without reducing it. If your stomach can tolerate more than 10 g of creatine in this process and your training program is getting heavy, it is recommended to use creatine above this level.

Products Consumed with Creatine

Creatine use You should choose products that are compatible with this nutritional supplement. Especially in the creatine loading phase, 36 percent more efficient results were observed when high glycemic index carbohydrates were used. By increasing the insulin level, the creatine and protein carrying capacity of simple sugars is increased. Thus, a more successful muscle growth can be achieved in a short time. One of the most beneficial products to consume creatine is grape juice. If you do not consume carbohydrate foods creatine use time When it arrives, simply mix it with grape juice.

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