Togg has released an important announcement with a focus on “purchase orders”


Togg, which has come to the agenda with the information that order purchases have started in the past period, has published an official statement on the subject.


Along with the Togg C SUV, where we met with the first mass production examples at the special event held on October 29, the sales process is also eagerly awaited. The domestic automobile initiative, which took the first official step in this regard with the February 2023 date marked for pre-order purchases within the scope of the event, continues its production activities.

Regarding the process, which we know that the first orders were also given by President Erdoğan, it was noteworthy that some sources recently made an official statement that they started the order process. Upon the increase of such examples, Togg also made an announcement through its official channels, denying the process unequivocally. In the statement, it is emphasized that order purchases have definitely not started.

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Togg hardware list

Togg; “Pre-order purchases have not started”

The text shared by the official channels is as follows;

We proudly follow the interest in our smart device, which will hit the roads in March 2023. As we announced before, we will start the pre-order process as of February 2023. Until that date, we will continue to inform you about the process in accordance with our #USECASEMobility vision, which we put our users at the center.

Our President Mr. We would like to reiterate that we do not receive any orders other than the pre-orders given by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
We kindly ask you to follow all developments about Togg on our social media accounts and not to disregard information not disclosed by Togg.”

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