Audi e-tron GT on sale in Turkey; here are the prices


In addition to the SUV product range, the Audi e-tron GT, which is listed as a performance-oriented option, can be preferred over the package.


Audi’s electric car attack in Turkey draws attention with the performance-oriented e-tron GT, apart from SUV models. The e-tron GT, which stands out as a serious alternative to the Porsche Taycan, can be preferred over two different options in Turkey. Along with the package that we can describe as an entry-level standard, the performance-oriented RS version is on the list at a higher point. The starting price of the product range was shared as 3,862,361 TL.

Audi e-tron GT price list

The figures shared by the official sources of the brand in the focus of November are as follows;

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e-tron GT quattro – 3.862.361 TL
RS e-tron GT quattro – 5.486.985 TL

The e-tron GT stands out as a four-door coupe that reinterprets the classic gran turismo idea. Combining two powerful electric motors with a four-wheel drive, the model offers a range of 448-487 km with its high-voltage battery with a net energy content of 84 kWh. The model, which comes with 350kW power in the standard package, accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds.

The RS version of the e-tron GT stands out with its 440 kW power and range of 451-471 km. In the RS version, the maximum speed figures of 3.1 seconds 0-100 and 255 km / h are also in the foreground. Let’s not forget that the 0-100 value can recover up to 2.5 seconds with the “over-boost” feature offered. You can find the details about the e-tron GT, the most aerodynamic car in Audi history, from our news.

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