New features on the way for WhatsApp appeared



WhatsApp Many useful innovations are being worked on. Meta platform continues to develop without slowing down.

WhatsApp, It continues to attract attention as the most used instant messaging platform in the world. The platform, which is among the indispensables of almost everyone, will soon gain many new features. Via beta versions emerging According to the latest details, people will soon be on the platform. can message them. This nonsense feature for many has been around for a long time.

Business “Do not bother” It also takes a small but useful step in the mode. Soon your phone “Do not bother” mode is turned on and an incoming call via WhatsApp is missed because of this, this will “calls” in the part will be displayed clearly. In this way, you will be able to clearly see why you missed a call and show it to the other party.

WhatsApp it also takes a step forward in notifications. The company will soon announce the notifications of groups with more than 256 members. will automatically mute. In other words, notifications from these groups will not fall into the notification section of your phone unless you open them. In this way, the company wants to improve the experience after joining large groups. many people it also normally turns off notifications as soon as you join a large group.

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WhatsApp The following features were also available yesterday for:

-Who’s creating status updates now thanks to new profile rings You can see it directly from the chat list.
-Links shared via the status feature You can see the previews.

WhatsApp Last week, good features came to the fore. directly to the details here we place Communities For the features that come with its infrastructure, the company stated the following:

“Today we are releasing three more features that we think users are looking forward to; create in-chat polls, video call with 32 people ve Groups that can host up to 1024 users.” The company increased its group size to 512 people on May 5, 2022. In this context, the number of participants doubled WhatsApp, it wants to better deal with this increase, especially with the Telegram side. There are many huge groups on Telegram and they are actively used.

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maximum before The company is pleased with the fact that it has increased the video call process, which is allowed up to 8 people, to 32.It also facilitates group management with its poll feature for chat. Thanks to this feature, reaching a common decision on certain issues, choosing certain things is more than before. becomes much more effective.

With this new system, people can change their preferences. instead of sending a message to the group, it can show it through the prepared survey.. It should be noted here that the prepared surveys do not work anonymously. In other words, it is clearly shown who voted for which option. Viewing the result or votes is done directly through the survey window. In this system, the firm prefers to be transparent.

WhatsApp Other features are also on the way. Their latest releases are directly here is located.


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