What are three Common Valve Failures?


A precise flow rate, constant pressure and controlled temperature are the basic necessities of the process industries. You can fulfil all these necessities by selecting the right valve, correct way of installation and scheduling regular checkups. If an operational issue occurs in the system or the electronic pneumatic flow control valve fails then it can cause problems and can damage the overall system. Generally, industrial valves do not last for a long period of time, it is often seen that they require maintenance within 3-5 years after installation. Understanding and keeping them maintained can reduce the risk of failure and can also increase the life of the valves.  

Three Common Valves Failures:

The failure of a digital flow control valve can cost you heavy loss if not maintained regularly. If you find out the valve is not working properly then you should repair it or replace the valve to keep the whole system safe. 


Since the word digital has strong association with the electric power, we have discussed the three major failures of electronic pneumatic flow control valve:

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Fluid Leakage:

If the fluid starts leaking inside the proportional flow valve then it can cause various problems such as the irregular flow of the fluid, and loss of pressure. It can lead to valve failure and with the passage of time the whole system can also fail. The causes of leakage may depends on several reasons such as the sealing, damaged spindle, or an inappropriate flow rate of the proportional flow control valve. You can overcome it by doing scheduled checkups and necessary repairs.

Actuator Failure:

Actuator is the most important component of an electronic pneumatic flow control valve. It enables the valve to perform its movement according to the need. The failure of this component will halt the operation of the system because the electronic air flow control valve will have no power to perform its work. The pneumatic actuators are easy and simple to repair while electrical actuators are difficult to repair. In this case, it is best to replace the valve.

Foreign Debris:

It’s the most common reason for an electronic pneumatic flow control valve failure. The presence of foreign debris in the pipeline can block the flow rate of the valve and can damage it. Resultantly, the valve fails to provide the accurate flow rate and the pressure to the system. When it happens most people think that the valve is broken but it is not true in many situations. To prevent this you must clean out and reinstall the valve correctly. If it still does not work in your case then you should replace the valve. Keep remember that the water and foreign debris going in the airline of a plant can cause the failure of the pneumatic actuators. If it happens, then you should replace the electronic flow valve. 

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Final Words:

To have the optimum output from the electronic pneumatic flow control valve, annual inspection is adequate. But the valves that are utilized in high pressure and temperature environments require frequent inspections. On finding the fault, you must do the necessary repairs or replace it timely.



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